21 May 2015

Creativity and Yoga Retreat Day (or, What Happens When We Make Space for Ourselves)

Hello friends,

Life is often busy. Our minds are often busy. Our emotions can be like the ever-changing waves of the sea. Somewhere in the midst of the busyness and shifting inner tides, we can seem to lose ourselves and our sense of peace.

But that peace is always there. It is ever-present, a vast space within us, bigger than any busy schedule or emotion ocean horizon. We just need to make time to connect to it.

We can access that sweet stillness and sense of true self or Source or love (for it has many names) in many ways:

We can move the body, breathe the body open as we stretch it through movement. This soothes our nervous system, balances our energy and also quiets the mind. When we create inner space, we can then receive all that we need.

From this space of receptivity we can allow ourselves to unfurl further and explore. Through playful activities, we remind our hearts and minds it is safe to be spontaneous, to let go of control and to deeply connect to ourselves, to others and the world around us. Through play we expand our awareness, become curious and child-like as we re-see life with truly open eyes. We no longer chase a sense of peace; we are opening to it, allowing it to flow up and out from within us, as we laugh and delight in the moment.

From this space of expansion we are ready to listen. When we engage in creative practices, we can better hear the wise, quiet voice deep within. We can then allow out that which has been calling for expression. By simply engaging in nurturing, creative practices, we tell ourselves: 'I hear you. I love you.' We open, we receive, we expand, we listen, we express and we allow. And so we return to the peaceful, playful path that leads us home, home to our true nature, to peace, to love.

On Saturday 27th June, I'll be sharing a specially created Creativity and Yoga Retreat Day at the Lightworkers Cottage, Brisbane. And you, my friend, are invited.

Come journey together with me as we connect to the sweet inner expansion that comes when we make time for ourselves.

(Image: Karolin Schnoor)

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