12 Dec 2010

Week Five: Just for the Craic(er standard joke) of it!

Hup! Here she is, squeaking in - just - to the end of week five with two home-made cracker concoctions.

Please, sit back and hold on to your sides/grit your teeth!

1. Q. What did the big snowstorm say to the snow plough when they were having a chat?

A.  Do you catch my drift?

2. Q. What would it be if everyone in the whole world gave each other cooking pots for Christmas?

A. A pandemic!


Wipe the tears from your eyes (laughter?pain?) and please share your own terrible cracker creations with one and all this week, capitalise on the season!

More made-up jokes to come this week as I've had some donations from friends. Lucky, lucky you, that's what I say...

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