1 Dec 2010

Week Four: Cracker Jokes and Christmas Tales

It's gift-giving season!

I shall be providing you with a home-made joke each week, to cracker standard, i.e. terribly bad and riddled with puns. Oh how I love them!

For years I have been re-telling a joke I made up at Christmas time:

Q:  What did the snowman say when asked to step outside on a hot summer’s day?

[big dramatic pause to build up squeals of anticipation]

A:  Sno way!

…so you can see I’ve really set the bar quite high for all future years. Luckily, my younger brother made up a shocker the other week, so I promised it to you as my first home-made seasonal groaner.

Here you go:

Q: Why was The Cup Cake Band's first gig poorly attended?

A:  They had a poor flanbase!

The gift I am giving myself this Christmas is the gift of discipline, hence I shall be committing to sitting and scribing at my desk each day in order to finish the final squiggles for the script for Little Tales, Little Truths.

What is this? I hear you cry (don’t cry it’s only a joke. Sorry. That last line belonged in the joke section and sort of leaked out. I’m leaking. My apologies. )

So, here’s the official scoop:

Little Tales, Little Truths Tour 2011
A play of poem-stories with puppets, song and physical theatre fabulousness! Written by Alice Flynn and developed with puppeteer and performer Josh Elwell (CBeebies, Wild Wood Theatre), Little Tales, Little Truths explores the perplexities and complexities of life in delightfully simple, playful way. The tour will journey throughout the South and South West next summer, with all performances taking place in sacred sites, special spaces and unusual places. More information coming soon!

So, if you’d like to book us for your special space or sacred site, please email: info@aliceflynn.org.

Another Gift for You!

As my Christmas gift to you, I’ll be posting one of the tales online for you in this section.

This means you’ll have it in time for Christmas and so, if it touches you, you could:

  • Read it to your loved ones by candlelight – everybody loves a good ol’ story, especially if it’s around a fire!

  • Print the tale out and fashion it into a Christmas decoration and give it to someone who would find the words heartening and healing.

  • Give it as a gift to yourself. Read it quietly, in the warmth, in peace and quiet. See what elements of the story resonate with you, what themes you see and what images appear in your head. Ponder what arises for you.
With much love and light for a cosy ol' Christmas,

Alice x

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