19 Dec 2010

Final Week of Christmas Cracker Jokes!

A big thank you to all those who have kindly donated (under duress?) the jokes they've made up this season!

Anna and Liz:
Q. What did Scrooge say to the Chritmas Turkey?
A. Get Stuffed!

Tom and Matty:
(this one works best when spoken in your best Laaaahndon accent, as per Tom's prize-winning delivery)
Q. Why did Santa make his little helpers exercise?
A. 'cos it's good for your elf!


Q. Why was Santa pleased with himself at Christmas?
A. Because he pulled a Christmas cracker!

Alice B and Sarah:

Q. Why were Santa's elves covered in blood?
A. Because Santa Claus. (geddit?!)

Tom and Karolin, I forget yours (perhaps purposefully?!), but I know slave/ sleighve was in there somewhere! And Ann-Marie and Lucy came up with something so dark it might shake the snow off your tree so we'll leave that one there!

Ah! and Ho Ho Ho!

I'll leave you with one final (for this year!) home-made joke from me, one with a detective-twist:

Q. Who shot at the Christmas Tree and missed?
A. I dunno, it's a misstree.

Boom Boom!

Your very own Christmas story gift, a tiny tale from me to you, will be up online by Christmas Eve for you!

Have a very happy, snowy week. Cosy and up and make up a ridiculous joke when you can, either on your own or when gathered with the family or pals, go on, I double dare you!

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