11 Nov 2010

Tales from a Travelodge/Dinosaurs Walk the Streets

Here are my creative gatherings from the last couple of days...plus a little help from small children somewhere, being creative in their inimitable ways.

8th November:

9 plus pm

Tomorrow I have to get up
hence I am avoiding all
eye contact
with clock faces
should be asleep by
but I want to first
write words
stretch bend breathe
then I hope to sleep.
Under gaze of the clock's watchful eye


9th November

Photo below: Filthy Woman (travelodge bathroom)


Soaking up silence
There's a bible next to the bed
placed by The Gideons
so it says.
I've always liked that name
Ernest, Celestine and Gideon
in the snow.
Doesn't he get replaced?
Gideon 1 by
Gideon 2
similar but different
the same but different

I say (in my head)
Lord, what would you like me to see today?
Isaiah appears
(not quite in the same way as God appeared to Isaiah if I remember rightly.
Not in a Travelodge)
The Lord that is there on the pages
is not the same Lord
I recognise and love 
in all his male female beyond binary forms.
This Lord
so I am told
"wash away the filth of the women of Zion"
now I am reading out of context, but -
a roll of inner eye and resigned sigh -
why filth?
why filth of women?
I wonder what they did
or didn't do.

Then that section ends with talk of a canopy over
all the glory
of Mount Zion, and
"It will be a shelter and a shade from the heat of the day, and a 
refuge and hiding place from the storm and rain".
Which is a bit like a Travelodge.
Except I'm not filthy
I've just had a shower.

9th November

Thank you to the boy who entertained us from the car in front on the journey home. Amazing faces, great gurning and the bag-on-the-head-zombie-arms were a joy to behold. You gave lots of adults a reminder to make silly faces too.

And thank you to the children who drew dinosaurs and dropped their drawings as gifts on the street. They stomp on:

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