8 Nov 2010

November Week One: The Challenge!

November Week One: The challenge!

I'll be posting poetry each day inspired by events, non-happenings, ponderings and passing thoughts. Sometimes it might be snippets, sometimes fully-formed word-scarves. Sometimes I might explain or make changes, sometimes not. After all, this is an experiment.

5th November:
Here's a little something that may turn into something more. My father said a sentence and I finished it off. 

Collaborative creating:

Strike up a friendwich.
all these wires
and all these visions
All this static
and decisions.


6th November:



Drag feet through
to brighter
new-beginning     boxes
beget   bits   bobs
things to clear

Take your boxes
I carry mine
and will one day
share it
when the anticipated




Mushrooms like members.
As was icecream not
clotted with the
fruit crumble.
Sometimes servings serve
in other ways
not prayers unheard
but needs and wants 
met in well balanced
nutritional dishes.
And besides
we were really there for the company.


Welcome Evening!
Well fed
well friended
[                                     ]
now in need of space
[                                     ]
I hold my hand
as I
move into evening.
Enjoying cleaning
orange-clove experiments
(sore thumbs)
home-made christmas decorations
home-made contentment
Home - home holds me 
as I
slip into the night.
Home is held.


7th November:


Dreams of angry altercations of
condiments and 
imagined issues
reminding me to eat more than baked beans
as I remind you
to eat more than cheese.
                              A surprising subject I never knew
we never spoke of.
Am happy to let that one fall away and
I'll drink tea to toast
the fact that dreams are not real

Flights of Fancy (thoughts in the bath) 

the difference between
thoughts that are real and true
or of desires and disconnection
is that some fly up
gain gravity and manifest in reality
and some
fly up 
fall to the floor exhausted
for all they had
and never were.

Notes: Initially this read 'or of desires and ego', which seemed too vague. I contemplated using 'lower mind' or 'lower mind kind' but this phrasing felt like a judgement was being made of higher/lower mind. Disconnection seems to fit well (a suitable sock) and, I feel, captures the notion of inner workings not quite connected to a source in truth, as well as the sense of the inner workings of a bird malfunctioning, inside, unseen.

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