14 Nov 2010

End of Week One: Something's Cooking!

On reflection
This latest project, daily creating and dancing with words, has been one of the most joyful life-enhancing things I have done in 2010. And so simple!

In 2009, I purchased a pack of crayons and let rip on the page. Doodling and adding rainbow colours to anything I could. Again a simple creative pleasure. A bit like moving for the fun of it, for the elbow-speaking-to-wrist of it, dancing to a tune in one's room, stretching in a Yoga pose. All these easy-if-you-let-them-beesy actions that, for me, add a massive amount of happiness and peace to my days. And I feel so much more self-expressed for it. Which again affirms for me something that I've thought and felt for a long time: creativity gives us greater self-expression, a re-discovery of fullness that brings with it an increased sense of wellbeing. 

I look forward to exploring this link in future projects and workshops. 

Have fun taking a moment to bring more creative expression into your day - or perhaps simply more awareness of the creativity already there - whether through baking, making, tying your shoe-laces up strangely or doing any silly thing that makes your heart sing. Please post your discoveries to inspire one another!

I've been cooking up a poem over the last couple of days; it's not quite tasting right yet, so I'll play with flavours and spices and share it with you soon. I'll also announce the next challenge shortly, should you choose to join in!

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