6 Nov 2010

And so we begin...

It's November! And there's no better time to start a project than November, as the old adage goes!

Rather than writing in the sand I have decided to write words on the web. 
Well, because it is more fun to share than not. 

And there's so much to share and I've kept it to myself for too long! Creativity is a process not the end product, so here I am mid-flight and here you are too!

My aim in this section is to not only explore and document my own arts practice, but to also offer a sharing that is thoughtful, feelful, playful, experimental, at times clumsy and awkward, and maybe sometimes even a bit eloquent and insightful. Maybe. I'll strive to be honest and come unpolished. I'll watch out for my ego trying to pitch to you with an ulterior motive and you can check in with yours. Please hold me to that. Maybe we can be mirrors, reflecting.

I will keep you posted on events and projects that I'm currently involved in or classes I'm offering should you live in the area and fancy coming along. I will also be engaging in a monthly/weekly arts adventure! See the next post for more details!

And thank you for stopping by. May you find creative connection and play in your day x

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