26 Nov 2010

Week Two: Lists!

Week Two: Lists!

I walked into week two of November’s creative challenges without having consciously decided the theme for the week. I seemed to spend Monday racing around, trying and failing to meet the day’s micro-challenges I’d set myself on my internal  LIST OF THINGS TO DO.

And so a theme was born: Lists!

Please feel free to browse this week’s creative offerings and send in some of your own too!

With a note to the last entry: Something’s Cooking. I made a tasty word-meal for you, it was written about a relative who is no longer here. Having consulted a family member, we agreed that the poem could be misinterpreted and so was not so appropriate for posting on the w to the w to the w.

Some meals are the kind of food you should only serve at home.

Onto Lists!

November 15th

She Gets Things Done

The Squirm


Racing ahead to the future,

stomach left behind



grasping for the safety bars

strategy and frame

if she could just sit down for one minute and write a list of all she’s done this morning –

she catches herself.

Smiles at the absurdity

of Projected Reality

as it sprints neck and neck with Urgency

to a future where she is so productive.

Where did she get this notion?

This finish-line marker

chalked ahead of herself?

She grabs the chalk and draws faces on the pavement.

Balances on one foot.

Throws questions up in the air and sits down smiling

as warm rain falls gently.

She’d like to stay here a while.


Fat Freddy’s Drop have written a beautiful lyric which I had posted up on a noticeboard for a long while:

‘The race is on and I’m quickly standing still,

’cos I have faith in something more than my will: soul’

Just thought I'd share that.




As a word,

not particularly inspiring


and clammy to the touch

a little bit dry

a little bit damp


Listening to the radio on Sunday

I heard the words of a Jewish prisoner of war.

He was murdered,


A number in a long line



a composer,

had once said

all you can take with you in death,

is that which you have given away

to others in life.


Weds 16th November


The list I heard today was someone else’s

Intellectual property

So I can’t tell you what was listed.

That’s classified information.


well-presented degree

like a CV

Who on earth are we pitching to?


Why do we play puppet games and take it all so seriously

this ‘ME’ we

present to the world.

Wonky measures and milestones

sights set so keenly on other people’s goals

that we miss seeing our dreams.

So attached to the thought of the

Gilded prize

We lose

connection inside.

Tell me a story.

Make it up if you will,

but make it yours!


Thurs 17th November


Standing in aisle 9

weathered scrap

hanging from his hand

jacket, once puffed up,

now out of puff

smothering his solid

tired frame.

For half an hour

indecision has

held him here

the bright lights of

variety at such a price,

the stuffing and filling

of baskets and trolleys

plastics sacks.

The motion

of many,


announcements call for action

but something

has him


So much seems


on the finger of choice

pointing to something

beyond the

metronome wag

of eeny meeny miny


What was it

he had forgotten?


Friday 18th November

Registration 1

Hands up

who is


Hands up

who is


Registration 2

Yes Miss

No Sir


They’re away




Daily roll call

Clock on

Sign in

Tick the list.

Registration 3

Mrs. Preston

decided to

test her psychic skills.

She would lead registration

with eyes shut and students silent.

“On the count of three I will begin.

I will call your name – please do not respond.

I will intuit

whether you are here

or not”

inky wand resting on desk

purple twinset

the Mystick’s


Mrs. Preston closed her eyes

and went onto a higher plane.

Twenty-four magic words later

she returned to

class 4B

still silent

who had performed

their very own


trick .


Saturday 19th November




Tick the





Against the

















General Notes: Lists, from what I've written this week, seem to have a negative feel or at least a sense of drive (things to be ticked off) and structure, that can be helpful or can be a hindrance.  I thought I’d focus on writing some more positive lists and the more playful exploration of the above Registration series.

I started with a list of things that I love about my partner, but then felt that actually I didn’t want to share those things publicly here and now in this context. So, I decided to aim for something more universal, less personal – which is something I want to build into this project more and more.

World to Humans. A love letter:

I love

that you try so hard

your unquestioning acceptance of my support

under your feet

when you tickle me

as you swim in my waters

I love

when you stop to notice me

see me

feel me

the funny stories you make up about

how I came to be

when you all get along

I really feel your love for me then.


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