22 Feb 2016

A Spring Retreat: Finding Balance through Nature, Yoga & Creativity

11am, Saturday 19th to 2pm, Sunday 20th March 2016

Hazel Hill Wood, near Salisbury 

Hello beautiful ones,

Gentle whisperings of spring time can be heard, calling us to deeply honour this transition time as our energies begin to rise from the slumber of winter. The Spring Equinox is a point of balance, awakening and moving toward longer sunlight, supporting us to tend to the seeds of what we want to welcome into our lives. 

Join myself and artist, facilitator and yoga teacher Louisa Clark this March in the magical woods of Hazel Hill for a nurturing, nourishing weekend of wild walks in nature, rejuvenating hatha yoga, creative explorations and delicious vegetarian food. We will take time to nurture  ourselves and the seeds, or saplings, of our insights and inspirations through creative practices, mindful movement and spacious connection with nature, to then take back into our lives for exploration, integration and growth.

On this retreat we will reconnect with the natural flow of our innate creativity, energy and dreams, giving them expression in whatever form they may take. Breathing in the fresh air of the forest and the scents of spring, relaxing our gaze to simply take in all the shapes and beauty of nature, we can listen and receive deeply, allowing ourselves to be refreshed. 

This weekend aims to provide space for this process, for our own individual, unique journeys, with all activities being optional. The wood is a special place for healing and creation, and a portion of the retreat will be in silence in order for us to really listen and experience this.

The weekend will involve lots of space to connect with nature through mindful walks, meditation and an evening around the fire, along with some individual 'wild' time out in the woods to explore and simply be. Hazel Hill is a beautiful 70 acre conservation woodland with large Scots Pines, old Beech and Oaks and magical Hazel trees. It is often also home to deer, owls and, if we’re lucky in March, a blanket of spring bluebells!

There will be a series of yoga sessions on offer during the retreat to take us through a cycle of healing and relaxation. These will include a restorative and balancing class on the first afternoon for easing out the body and releasing held tensions. In the evening we will be treated to a deep relaxation - yoga nidra - to aid a peaceful and potent dreamtime. The next morning, there is the option to wake with the sunrise for dawn meditation or to arise a little later and awaken with a flowing movement session for breathing new life and energy into the body. All sessions are suitable for both beginners and more experienced yogis. Please bring a blanket, a yoga mat if you have one and wear loose, comfortable clothing for the sessions.

As we relax into the moment with yoga, time in nature, and as we move without the usual demands of everyday life, we give space for our inherent creativity to surface. Allowing this expression to flow in whatever way it wants, we will play and explore with practices such as creating vision boards, mandala making, writing, dance, and craft. There will be guided sessions, as well as materials on offer for your own creative journeying.

Facilitating this special spring retreat, will be Alice 'Lila' Flynn and Louisa 'Lalita' Clark, two creative yogis with a love of nature. 

Alice 'Lila': Alice is a creativity facilitator, writer, yoga teacher and bodyworker based in Bournemouth, Dorset. Alice’s professional practice has grown from, and is rooted in, her ten years’ experience of working within arts education, theatre, movement, writing and facilitation. At the heart of her work are embodied movement and creative play for adults – accessible practices that nurture deeper presence, connection and self-expression. She runs creativity and yoga retreat days, workshops and private sessions and can be found at aliceflynn.org

Louisa 'Lalita': Louisa is an artist, workshop facilitator, yoga teacher and holistic therapist, based in Dorset. Working in community arts, arts education and natural healing for the past 15 years, she aims to help increase wellbeing and connection through creativity. Louisa is also passionate about the healing power of nature, inspiring studies in Herbalism & indigenous cultures. She is the co-creator of 'Wild Soul' and 'Wild Kids', retreats and events to support adults and children to re-connect with the Earth's wisdom; see details here facebook.com/wildsouluk

This is an overnight retreat, running from 11am on Saturday 19th, to 2pm on Sunday 20th March. We will have lots of time to be outdoors in the woods, with access to a wonderful traditional Roundhouse, as well as being indoors in the lovely Oakhouse Eco Building, staying warm by the wood burning stove. The Oakhouse will also provide our modest accommodation in the form of a dorm style space, or a private room (limited rooms - please apply when booking).

All meals will be lovingly prepared with simple yet nutritious vegetarian ingredients. Hot and soft drinks, along with delicious healthy snacks, will also be provided, but do also bring any of your own treats as wanted! Please let us know of any dietary requirements when booking, and of any other allergies, injuries or conditions.

Please bring some old jeans or thick trousers and decent walking shoes as we will be walking through the undergrowth and it is advisable to wear long socks or high boots as there can be deer ticks found in the forest. Also bring layers in case it gets cold and a waterproof jacket.

The location 
This retreat will be held at Hazel Hill Conservation Woodland, 8 miles east of Salisbury, in Wiltshire. Full details of the address and directions will be sent upon booking.

Price & bookings
Cost of retreat: £80
Places are limited to 20 people, adults only
Concessions are available (please contact us)

To book, please email louisajclark [at] hotmail [dot] com. A Paypal invoice will be sent to you. Once paid, your place is confirmed and directions and further retreat information will be sent.

Contact us
Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions about this spring retreat, on:

Alice – alice [at] aliceflynn [dot] org / 07398 665212
Louisa - louisajclark [at] hotmail [dot] com / 07870 596608

Event details & updates can be seen here; facebook.com/events/1018039038234985/

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