25 Aug 2012

Little Tales, Little Truths at Colourfest 2012

Little Tales, Little Truths

At Colourfest 2012 as part of the Sting in the Tale Storytelling Festival

"Heart asks a question, story answers"

Join our two itinerant tale-tellers as they wander through your mind and heart and search for the stories that seek to speak to you. Gather for song and sound and tales that will stay with you long after their last word has been uttered and their violin has ceased to sing.

Little Tales, Little Truths

Storytellers: Heather Cowen & Alice Flynn

Writer: Alice Flynn

‘Knitting in the Dark’ & ‘A Cloud, a Crowd and a Swarm’ by Alice Flynn, with the latter being based upon a traditional Jewish folk tale.

Music & song: Heather Cowen, Josh Elwell & Alice Flynn

Costume & make-up design: Emma Purchase

Knitted costume elements: Angel Homer

Programme design: Karolin Schnoor

With thanks to Colourfest 2012 and the team and the Sting in the Tale Storytelling Festival. Our thanks also to CPS Group  for their generous support and to all our friends and family.

The Creative Team:

Heather Cowen

A musician from the outset, Heather hears a song in everything. Coming from a diverse background of experience and training, rooted in classical forms, Heather is a gifted musician who specialises in easing the barriers that exist in traditional forms and exploring the world of the artistic muses that are at play in everything.

A skilled and intuitive teacher, mentor and facilitator she guides and inspires, assisting people of all persuasions in finding the gift and ability that is inherent to all – a way of expressing themselves – through music, yes, but essentially through the heart.

Josh Elwell
Actor-musician, puppeteer

Josh Elwell is a multi-talented actor musician and puppeteer for television, film and theatre. Josh, along with his puppet, worked on the earliest outing of ‘Knitting in the Dark’ one of the stories of Little Tales, Little Truths and created the song that accompanies this story.

Alice Flynn
Writer, performer, director

Alice loves a good yarn and has enjoyed weaving together Little Tales, Little Truths from pen to paper to performance with both aspects of her work informing the other: as performer and writer the taste and texture of words are important if you’re going to put them in your mouth and let them back out.

Angel Homer
Fine artist

Angel's artwork Angel attempts to visualize and document historical events of the Victorian period. Angel loves using feminine domestic crafts such as hand knitting to create her work. “Building Bridges” 2012 is her most recent artwork,  – a feminist, site-specific piece created for Bournemouth's Victorian Lower Gardens. Members of the public from all walks of life, with varied abilities, added to its creation.

Angel works using casting processes, printmaking, painting, knitting, needlework,embroidery and rug-making skills. Angel is happy to help with any knitting projects.

Emma Purchase
Visual artist

Emma is an artist and performer whose work explores an assumed utopia of a transformed existence; constructing narrative based works, often using the symbolic animal as a carrier for human experience and situations.

Emma’s work has crossed disciplines between performing and visual arts, and has a keen interest in creating a dialogue with a variety of audiences.

Karolin Schnoor

Karolin Schnoor is a German freelance illustrator and designer based in London. She is available for commissions and collaborations.

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