19 Dec 2013

Twelve Days of Christmas: 6

Six Geese A-Laying

Christmas List.

He kissed/she kissed

a frog

with a golden ball

rolling in from the wrong fairy tale

it was an egg

rolling on to the wrong Christmas song

melting into five golden rings or

flaking gilt leaves

autumn into winter


Just an egg again

that falls inevitably

 – gravity –

out of one of

six geese


Egg cracks open.

A laying on of hands

faith healer

sweating blood

hoping to bring the silence of snow

this Christmas.


She kissed/he kissed

a frog

and waited.

It grew golden hair

plaited into thick rope

as rough as straw

as strong as steel cable

it held their weight

as they scaled down

the tower

waving goodbye to their

green true love

who never did become

anything other

than a smiling



unaware of their wanting


But they knew a man

with a bag of magic beans…

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