27 Aug 2013

Musical Cloakroom: Hack The Barbican 2013!

Musical Cloakroom: Sounds, Stories and Sensors

Throughout August 2013 the Barbican Centre, London, has seen its cavernous foyer spaces hijacked by theatre performers, hardware hackers, sculptors, musicians and computer scientists as part of the unconventional arts event Hack The Barbican.

Imeh Akpan and Nebulous Flynn invited me to collaborate with them on their sound installation Musical Cloakroom. Thirty-three squares linked to sensors form the stepping stones to musical tones: each time participants step into a square they trigger a sound: Nebulous Flynn's soundscapes or a story. I wrote six separate thirty-three-word stories for the project. The piece, conceived and programmed by Imeh Akpan, offers multiple ways for the public to play and create within the space. Participants can twirl through the cloakroom at random forming their own sound piece, or step through methodically following the trail of a tale.

If you're not in London you can still make your own music and catch five of the stories online here.

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