13 Jun 2012

Wulf Theatre and the Summer of 2012!

News: Wulf Theatre launches and bounds into her first summer season!

I’m very excited to introduce you to Wulf Theatre and to put my muddy paw up as Artistic Director.

Wulf Theatre’s focus is to create performances that are physical, playful, epic and intimate all at once. We make work that shifts and changes with each new piece, each new experiment, evolving as we do. Our edges are rough, our feet are dusty, our spirits wild and we have magic on our side. At our core: the story, our beating heart.

And so, 2012  sees Wulf Theatre collaborate with some very exciting artists and festivals to deliver two distinct performances over summer. First up, we’ll be performing Little Tales, Little Truths at Colourfest, a festival of yoga, art, music and dance in Poole, Dorset, on Saturday 25th August.  This musical and magical storytelling piece will be performed as part of Dorset’s 9th annual storytelling event The Sting in the Tale Festival. Then we’ll hot foot it over to Bournemouth where we’ll be collaborating with visual artists The Girls as part of the second Bournemouth Arts by the Sea Festival. With wide-eyed stares and wonky grins we’ll welcome you to the Land of Lower Gardenia, a strange and wondrous land where all is not quite as it seems... Wulf Theatre looks forward to seeing you there. And we’ll be in touch with details of our new website soon!



Wulf Theatre presents Little Tales, Little Truths at Colourfest as part of the Sting in the Tale Festival 2012.

Saturday 25.08.12
Colourfest, Holton Lee, Poole

Little Tales, Little Truths

Wulf Theatre brings you a feast of physical, lyrical storytelling and song in this original, haunting and humorous performance.

Journey along with our itinerant tale-tellers as they hunt for Big Life Questions. In exchange for your company, they’ll tell you tales that glitter and twitch, stories that breathe and snort, irresistible stories that laugh loud and long, tickling your toes as they go. And they might just answer your Big Life Questions…

Audience age: Adult stories (children 11+)
Tickets via: www.colourfest.co.uk

Special promotional price! £99 for a four-day festival pass. Day tickets also available.
Email me for the secret promo code via info@aliceflynn.org

About Colourfest

Colourfest is a vibrant four-day festival festival celebrating life through yoga, art, music and dance. Festival organisers, Rowan Cobelli and Robbie Newman, describe Colourfest as:

“A beautiful festival offering a rich and diverse program [which] opens itself to other ways to experience beauty and depth in life, whether it’s through yoga, music, art, dance, storytelling, poetry or theatre.”

With top international yoga teachers, world music, live and acoustic sessions, visual and performance artists, dance classes and much more, this festival offers a wonderful programme celebrating the many colours of life.

About the Sting in the Tale Festival
Now in its 9th year this popular annual festival shares special stories and traditional tales in inspiring places throughout East Dorset and the surrounding areas. SITT offers: Stories come from far and wide for families, teenagers, adults, plus interactive theatre for children and toddlers. There are also workshops to learn about the ancient skills of storytelling and the great tradition of the passing on of stories.”


Wulf Theatre & The Girls present Land of Lower Gardenia
At Bournemouth Arts by the Sea Festival 2012

Saturday 29.09.12
Bournemouth Lower Gardens
Free entry

‘Welcome to the Land of Lower Gardenia, a ‘Technicolor’ parallel dimension where a rich cast of inhabitants greet the public with unnervingly fixed grins.’

From the creators of the Grand Grotesque Parade (2011), comes a A new commission for the second Bournemouth Arts by the Sea Festival,  an extraordinary site-specific piece which plays on the ‘tableau vivant’ or ‘living picture’ art tradition. Seek out mythical characters, English roses, lions and heraldic birds as you wander amongst spectacles and roaming performers. With Ali Sharpe’s choir.

www.thegirls.co.uk Angela Carter crossed with Cindy Sherman” London Evening Standard
www.wulftheatre.com (website going live soon!).


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