21 Jan 2011

We 3: Intimacy - Reflection on an Installation Exploration

Saturday 15th January 2011.

3 of us. Lots of you. Some questions. 3 Cubicles. The Street under our feet. You. Us. Many moments. 

We offered:

You Time: alone.
Talk Time: we listen.
Quiet Time: we look at you, we draw you, we write a poem about you, we knit with you.
Hug Time: we hold you.
Tea Time: a comforting cuppa, shared or alone.

A day of intimate encounters (and not so intimate nearly-encounters). A big thank you to all involved, to all those people who opened an internal door and stepped out to meet us at the same time that we stepped in. Juicy thanks especially to The Girls for having us along to experiment, during their residency The Paper Eaters Do Bargate, presented by Millais Off-Site Projects. Hurrah for art!  

I'll be posting further responses from We 3 in the next few weeks, but here's a rough wordburp, something that didn't want to be written in a paragraph; it is for you to take between your teeth, rub up against or look into:

Intimacy (January 15th)

                                          We 3

We met
People and armour and insides,
well-hidden outsides - more than our made-up faces-
We met
the tiniest of grown-up hands
delivering a delicate stroke
to the conscious mind
She: touched my thumb
as she talked
and didn't think twice.
He: a hug with so much 
and so little time.
Off, he had to be off
and why wasn't I talking?

We met
They: giggling, safe outside the window
pack rabbits
the brave broke away
allowing themselves to be
young again.
For their minutes of intimacy,
more than our drawing,
maybe their moment
was leaving their performance at the door.
The brave playful.

We met
She: cubicle open
mouth too
talking her thinking
into shared space.
Astonishing. Humbling.
Thank you.
He: what is intimacy? what is? and again ?
where? Intheheadinthehead, searching for a peg
striving thriving in the untying

his memory of a moment:
quite the contrast. Quiet.
The contrast: a knowing of faith, not of mere theory.

We met
an enthused
a unit
They: move together

this may be all unknown
but it is fun it seems
Cup of tea?
Yes please.
Dipping toes in
when there are no biscuits
feels good.

Well met,


connection - self, other, space.
Three girls
with painted face.


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