14 Jan 2011

We 3: Intimacy - An Installation Exploration, part of The Girls' Residency in Southampton.

Roll up, roll up, nuzzle up? No?

Intimacy...what is intimacy if it's not what you thought it was?

That's what We 3 (Antonia Beck, Felicity Crabb and myself) will be exploring this saturday, 13th January, as part of The Girls' PaperEaters (http://www.thegirls.co.uk) residency in Southampton City centre.

Come and redeem you very own gift voucher:
For an imaginative moment of the unexpected, beyond the 80's hairdo and loud neon nothing, join us to find connection and quiet in a cup of tea or a look - can we gaze at you and draw you? Intimacy: has anyone ever written a poem about you? What is a hug made of? 
Let's explore. 

Come and be present with us this Saturday and we'll see what we discover.

Unit 26, Bargate Centre, Southampton City Centre, 12-5pm.


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